Welcome, Beautiful & Creative Spirit.


I am so happy and grateful that you're here!

I mean, please tell me you can feel the massive energetic hug of love & gratitude that I’m sending you right now!

If you couldn’t already tell, I am uberly excited that you are here because I know that nothing is by chance. We’ve crossed paths for a reason and that makes my heart like, super happy!

Blissful Britney is a sacred online community with heart-centered content curated for Visual Artists, Healers, Creative Visionaries & Freedom Seekers to connect, be inspired, expand their consciousness, deepen their creativity & activate their soul’s potential.

I even created a cute little online library of free gifts to support you on your journey of conscious, creative and courageous living. In the library, you will find coloring pages, positive affirmation prints, digital paper for mixed-media art making and more!

All you have to do to get access to the frequently updated freebies center is to stay connected by subscribing to my totally Nifty Newsletter and you’re all in, purtty lady.

All shenanigans aside, I am genuinely looking forward to sharing this journey with you and supporting you in designing a conscious, creative & courageous lifestyle that brings you vast freedom, independence & bountiful bliss.

Hugs & Happiness, Britney.

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